Capital Go 2020

March 26-27, 2020

McLean, Virginia

Capital Go is the Mid-Atlantic’s annual Go Developers conference. Join us for two days of Go goodness inside the capital beltway!

Workshops March 26 + Conference March 27


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We will have two workshops on March 26, Daily Go and Advanced Go.

Daily Go (intro to Go development) Workshop will be taught by Tim Raymond from Gopher Guides.

Daily Go is tailored to developers learning Go for the first time, or having less than one year of Go development experience. This workshop will cover practical, daily Go fundamentals. Starting with the language fundamentals, students will move into interfaces and how they lend to embedding and composition in Go. They will finish up with an overview of concurrency in Go.

Advanced Go (Concurrency, Profiling, & Optimization) Workshop will be taught by Cory LaNou from Gopher Guides.

This course is designed to teach students about Go’s concurrency model, as well as how to profile and optimize Go code. It starts with a deep dive into concurrency primitives and covers several concurrency patterns. It will go over several common mistakes that are also made when designing concurrent software.

Then, a full overview of how the benchmarking and profiling tools are used to measure code performance. After mastering the tools, the students will then be shown different ways to use the profiling tools, as well as the compiler to identify and fix common performance problems in Go code.

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